15 Things Android Can do But iPhone Can't

15 Points Android Can do But apple iphone Can’t


Obviously, we love both our Android phones and also the apple iphone. Both have myriads of devoted fans, that wait breathless for information of new attributes, items and also OS updates. Currently with the covers being removed the iPhone four with its dual-core processor, Siri as well as boosted Twitter-compliant features, it looks as though the apple iphone just could be winning the race. But is it? Android fans state NO, and this is why.

1. Dual-Core Function.

apple iphone’s four is the first dual-core offering from Apple. Nevertheless, LG drew out the dual-core Optimus 2X much far better and also dual-core Android devices are offered almost everywhere currently. Include in this Nvidia’s quad core Kal-El chip as well as Android phones will certainly be much ahead of the so called ‘progressed’ features that apple iphone 4S brought right into the marketplace.

2. Direct Picture Tweeting.

Someone’s reached be kidding about this. So apple iphone 4S permits you to tweet photos straight from the image gallery, so what? Because 2009, Android phones have actually allowed us to share photos on numerous social networking apps consisting of Twitter as well as despite having Tweetdeck, a 3rd party application.

3. The World Phone.

So the apple iphone enables worldwide wandering through a GSM/CDMA dual-mode gadget. What about Android? True followers recognize that Motorola’s Droid 2 Global was released method prior to apple iphone proclaimed its globe telephoning capability.

4. Select Your Carriers.

Individuals have been able to use Android phones with the four significant service providers and also some minor ones such as US Cellular and MetroPCS for long currently. As for the apple iphone, well, Sprint has recently authorized a good-sized deal with Apple, which suggests now you get to utilize the iPhone with three of the 4 leading carriers.

5. 4G Speeds.

In summertime 2010, the HTC EVO 4G released on Sprint’s WiMAX network. That was the start; now you’ll locate all significant carriers selling 4G Android phones. If you get an LTE established from Verizon, you can download and install at 10 to 20 Mbps rates. The 3G apple iphone four will not go past 1.5 to 2 Mbps.

6. No Limitations On Applications.

If you want an application for your iPhone, you need to visit Apple’s Application Market. As for Android, you can choose an app from loads of app shops, besides Google’s Android Market.

7. Key-board Choices.

Don’t like Android’s supply keyboard? Get any kind of variety of third-party key-boards, such as Better Keyboard or Swype. Do not such as the iPhone keyboard? Do the prohibited thing, jailbreak it as well as after that set up the one you want. Exactly how many of you want to do that?

8. Mobile Wallet Options.

Android phones such as the HTC Surprise 4G and Samsung Nexus S have built-in Near Area Communications (NFC) assistance. You can fill cash money on these phones as well as utilize them to pay for acquisitions at a number of retail electrical outlets. Apple’s still no place near this market.

9. Automation Apps.

Consider Tasker, the automation program that helps you dig through your phone’s deepest setups and also controls every little thing at your command. Think about JuiceDefender which conserves your battery life. Does iPhone have any such automation feature?

10. Battery As Well As Storage Options.

The Android OS is flexible as well as enables you to make equipment changes as well, such as swapping or upgrading your SD card or battery. With the apple iphone, far better watch that storage space; if you max out, nothing doing.

11. Custom-made ROMs.

Android is open source, which suggests people can tweak it as well as develop customized ROMs. There’s the CyanogenMod, full of attributes, and the MIUI ROM which has had a total user interface overhaul. Certainly, there’s no touching iOS– you use it as you obtain it.

12. The 8-MP Electronic camera.

You can get an Android gadget with a 3D video camera on the market. Apple’s considering 3D for its brand-new iPad, and iPhone absolutely doesn’t have it. When it comes to the 8-megapixel cams, the HTC Android Unbelievable brought that to market in April 2010!

13. Widget Options.

Widgets inhabit room, however they’re extremely hassle-free. You can have a variety of widgets for your Android phone. Nonetheless, unless you have actually jailbroken your iPhone, widgets are out. Even then, you can only put them up on your lock screen, as well as not on your home screen!

14. Blink Support.

It’s easy, Android offers Flash support and also iOS doesn’t. Why is this such a huge deal breaker? Because without Flash, numerous websites can not be seen effectively. Is Flash fully out? No. After that how come iPhones do not have integrated Flash? Ask Apple.

15. Voice Assistance.

Everybody’s discussing Siri, yet what regarding Google’s Voice Actionshave that appeared much prior to? You can use this voice-activated feature to browse the web by voice and also do 2 means message transmissions, practically what Siri allows you to do. Siri does have the text-to-speech responses as well, however it’s old hat functionality considering that Android did it initially.

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