5 reasons why most women don't own a smartwatch

5 reasons why most women don’t own a smartwatch


In 2015, smartwatches were all the hype as well as envy of several people especially those in the technology sector. These wearables were planned to be used as a device and also as a tool that can be useful for mobile users. As well as with all the rave about them in 2014, it’s easy to see why a lot of smartwatches were presented on the market in 2015 alone. Based upon a 2015 Customers and Wearables Report collected by the NPD Connected Intelligence, one in every 10 grownups in the United States own a physical fitness tracker.

The group also discovered that 71% of individuals that own a smartwatch are male. The big inquiry right here now is– why aren’t a lot more females using a smartwatch? While numerous women often tend to possess a fitness tracker, a smartwatch is a various tale. And also also if they are “basically” a similar item of modern technology (in the sense that they are used on the wrist), there’s a whole lot a lot more behind it than what we already know. Also though smartwatches provide even more functionality apart from counting your actions, checking sleep, and also even tracking heart rate, there are lots of various other reasons why females aren’t also keen on putting on smartwatches. Here are a few reasons:

Reason # 1: Few choices for women, design-wise

Perhaps one of the most significant factors as to why not a great deal of females have a smartwatch is the reality that there aren’t as well numerous of these that fit our liking. The majority of the smartwatches that came out in the previous year all look too “manly” with all their black or brownish natural leather bands and also also the large stainless-steel bands. Except perhaps for a couple of models, smartwatches don’t really look also pretty to endure the wrist. Sure there are some smartwatches with a rose gold band, however even this is a limited selection. Ladies want even more to select from and also would certainly want to wear a smartwatch that looks posh or suitable for their individuality. And truthfully, the black leather bands are overvalued; although practical. Females like something much more sophisticated yet various. We want more options than simply black, brownish, or climbed gold.

It wouldn’t harm to have a smartwatch in white, tan, and even a mint eco-friendly shade. Throw on some gems and perhaps we ‘d be interested. Luckily, one such business has actually currently resolved this problem. At the lately ended CES 2016, Huawei introduced a number of brand-new smartwatch styles for women– the Elegant as well as Gem. Although these two appearance comparable, there are some crucial differences that separate them from each various other. The Huawei Watch Gem has actually a bezel embedded with 68 Swarovski Zirconia crystals while the Huawei Watch Elegant includes the conventional Huawei See with a rose gold body and a bezel bordered by three rings of small rose gold studs. Both watches come with faux-crocodile leather that can be found in white or navy blue options (yay!). Directly, I favor the Huawei Watch Gem in navy blue as it looks various from the usual Android smartwatch layout. Plus its faux-crocodile natural leather stamp makes it even more likable!

Factor # 2: They’re too big

Apart from the restricted alternatives we reach pick from, smartwatches are generally scaled for those with wide hands and also large lower arms. As well as when women put on these devices, they look also huge and unpleasant on the wrist. Both Motorola and ASUS did it right with their Moto 360 second Gen and also ZenWatch 2 (back to back) versions. The Moto 360 second Gen is currently available with a 42mm strap for women while the ASUS ZenWatch 2 is offered with a 22mm or 18mm band. Technology business that prepare to offer smartwatches for ladies truly need to take a look at these instances. A good option below would be to resize the watch itself. Perhaps it would certainly benefit tech business to provide a watch with a smaller face, a thinner strap, and also an extra delicate style. This would give ladies extra choices to select from!

Reason # 3: We condemn it on stereotyping

Going back to the rose gold shade that a variety of smartwatch suppliers succeeded the introduction of the Apple Watch, we dislike the concept that our alternatives have actually been so minimal. It’s 2016 and also still, suppliers believe that pink is “also girly” and also decided to produce a smartwatch in this color meant for females. In this time and age, ladies wish to be able to choose a gender-neutral color we can quickly mix as well as match with our everyday attire. As well as no, placing a diamond on guard should not make it “for females”. Take it from the Apple Watch that was able to produce different mix-and-match choices for their 38mm and 42mm watches. Simply like males, some of us like larger/thicker watches while some prefer smaller/thinner watches.

Reason # 4: It’s not always regarding functionality

Although it would actually help if the item was useful and also measured up to its name. While we can value sporty-looking accessories, we desire something we can use when we’re dressing up or mosting likely to work. Tech companies need to take after the example of physical fitness trackers that have actually established items that drew in female owners. Take for example, the Fitbit fitness tracker that presented the Tory Burch-designed necklace lockets as well as cuff bracelets in 2014 and took care of to effectively conceal away its Flex tracker in these accessories. Considering that these gadgets were meant to track task, they had the ability to maintain doing that as we tackled with our daily routine. If our alternatives were just limited to sporty-looking smartwatches, we ‘d have a tendency to leave it in your home the next time we spruce up for a day or perhaps go to function. And many of the moment, we’re truly not wearing flashy apparel besides when we’re exercising or striking the fitness center. It would really be great if tech companies developed a smartwatch that we might make use of every day. Reason

# 5: We don’t see the requirement for it

Possibly the advertising and marketing of smartwatches are to criticize right here– ladies do not truly see the need to have an additional piece of innovation to bring about, unlike physical fitness trackers which females view as useful in the long run as it assists understand their activity. And in the long run, they can do something concerning their task. With a smartwatch, in the meantime, lots of females think that its feature is way too much for this moment. The most effective thing to do here is to market these smartwatches on exactly how they can make things better for females. It just takes some obtaining used to but promise, we’ll love it once we see what all the buzz is around. So there you have it– factors why few women possess a smartwatch. It’s interesting to see just how technology firms will think about these factors as well as create a line of smartwatches that interest females.

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